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About Skye Allen

Born in Portland Oregon in 1955, I've lived in the Portland metro area all my life. Grew up in Gladstone then moved to East Moreland in Portland my sophomore year of high school. Raised three sons and have six grandchildren. Studied at Portland State University in 1980 and 2014. Retired self employed construction contractor. Passion for the future sciences of physics, economics and morality.

A Governor of a state is responsible for the welfare of every one of its citizens.

The future is forever changing. New ideas are needed to build wealthy societies.

I understand Oregon, especially its philosophy of cultural progressive yet conservative values. Progressive freedom is a wanted choice, yet we strive to conservatively budget our money, in order to balance our freedoms of choice.

Philosophy control's our world and it also control's our everyday lives as we rely on our government systems for stability. Oregon has many problems that our governments can't seem to solve. The ways our Oregon legislature creates our state income and how Salem spends our tax dollars are outdated corporate philosophies because they don't relate to all our needs of today, and are not designed to create an expansive economic future where all of our social poverty systems disappear.

My philosophy trends towards opposite thinking of the norm today. Our taxation and giant corporation profits are designed to Take money and wealth away from the majority of citizens. The opposite is to Give to the majority of citizens. This economic philosophy has been used by different civilizations throughout history and always created a long lasting peaceful and wealthy society. So should we.

We need new ways for Oregon to create incomes so we can eliminate the burdens of taxes and fees. My proposition is to eliminate property tax, corporate tax, and all fees required by all government entities in Oregon by increasing income from many ideas like building a creative futuristic new city east of the city of Bend like Las Vegas of which its gaming industry supplies 45% of Nevada's state income. With a futuristic city that attracts people from outside our state, we can create 50% of Oregon's income, more than replacing all of my proposed tax eliminations.

Resurrecting the 1980's concept of the Mount Hood freeway from Portland through Bend to California would open up eastern Oregon to opportunities imagined in the past that never came about and will give us a chance to build a new future from new ideas. Oregon citizens want to change and improve our government system to create for the future expansive growth in personal incomes and wealth. This is the type of philosophy I offer all citizens of Oregon.

My concept is to simplify everything to remove government bureaucracy waste.

Elimination of tax collecting agencies would save tax payers millions of dollars in collection and record keeping costs. All corporate government agencies are expensive because they are all based on the concept of going into dept which puts a burden on everyone including future generations. Borrowing and dept concepts can be eliminated by being responsible by creating an expansive economic system.

Corporate governments create fictitious wealth. They bring in money then give most of it back, which makes their stated value fictitiously higher than it really is.

Example: SAIF State Accident Insurance Fund collects about a billion dollars a year then gives most of it back the next year creating the only tax collecting agency that audits all its business customers payroll every year in person and creates a false State wealth of a billion dollars instead of millions kept as profit.

By simplifying laws we can get a handle on problems that are out of control as we concentrate on the most important things like free schools including colleges for Oregon citizen's and free health care for everyone in the state. We can create a system that provides a guaranteed income for every household in the state which will cover all basic monthly bills including your mortgage. Eliminating concepts of renting a place to live and switching to ownership with state provided no interest loans with no credit needed, will create personal wealth responsibility.

By eliminating corporate bureaucracies within our state government we can be in control of our future. The easiest way to achieve this goal is to break from the corporate government system and create a citizens government where everyone is a part of it as we are all a part of one business where our State creates a profit and shares it only with the people who are citizens of the State of Oregon.

I have Hope for the Future as we visualize what the future should be like. I see a system of massively expansive wealth for everyone who wants to create the future we dream about. A future where the whole world lives in peace without war as creative people design inventions beyond our wildest dreams. Ideas from the minds of those who dream are the ones who will realize the correct paths to take.

As your Governor I will fight for those things that have been taken away from you and create a citizens government owned by you that is designed to Give to you.

When everyone has plenty of money to spend, life is happy and businesses thrive, personal wealth is created, life pressures decrease, and families can flourish.

My ideas come from your voices, together as a destiny for designing our future.

I am sure you have many questions I'm looking forward to answering, so I hope to see you on the campaign trail.

Thank you for your passion to seek change for those who seek a better life.


-Skye Allen




Portland, OR


Twitter: @SkyeSET



The Plan


  • This is a “no tax system”. Eliminates all state, city, county and local taxation laws.
  • $1000 dollars a month guaranteed extra income for all citizens 18 years and older.
  • 0% interest rate on all loans and includes residential and commercial real estate.
  • $27 per hour minimum wage throughout the state.
  • Free education through college for all Oregon citizens.
  • Free medical of all kinds for all Oregon citizens.
  • Say goodbye to property taxes, income taxes, corporate taxes, federal taxes, etc.


Think of Oregon borders as walls of a business building. All Oregon citizens inside one business building called a state. The roads are like hallways or escalators. The houses are like offices. Furniture is like office supplies. And the people traveling on a freeway is like riding in an elevator. Using this philosophy we can build anything we want because all costs are paid for by the business.

It keeps in our state and in your pocket, the hundreds of billions of dollars in interest money that goes out of our state to corporate banks and monopolies.

Create new industries and cities in eastern Oregon to expand our population.


Crime will drop over 50%. We'll create new ways to reform our rehabilitation system. Peace officers will have an easier and happier job.

Campaign finance reform – create new ideas to attract the special interest group of all Oregon citizens who agree with this plan and who won't contribute to the Democrat or Republican special interest groups and their corporate platform.

National Guard – promote the Oregon National Guard instead of national military.

World affairs – work with Pacific Rim countries and states for security and trade.

Disabled – highest quality of care, supply their needs including transportation.

Housing – eliminates homelessness. Eliminates renting. Everyone owns. Only one qualification: Oregon resident 18 years or older. Cuts mortgage payments in half.

Roads, highways and freeways – unlimited funding for construction and repairs.

These are just a few of my existing ideas the people of Oregon helped me create.

Everything works within a puzzle where each piece fits exactly and in harmony.

This system is legal, valid, and full of precedence within United States laws.

According to our Declaration of Independence and Constitutional laws of the United States of America, citizens of any state can create any system they choose.


Create a state wide public business all citizens of Oregon are owners of and benefit from, as a separate entity from our existing private businesses and jobs.

Change corporate business ownership description to multi proprietor ownership.

Change from a corporate structured state government to a citizens government in which all citizens of Oregon are a part of. This creates sovereign state ownership.

This system uses state government funding to create businesses that create profits which are shared equally amongst all citizens of Oregon 18 years and older.



Create a base wealth for our state wide business to draw government electronic funding from. This base includes all wealth within Oregon borders above and below ground. Income/expenses and asset liability Books are kept and wealth can only go up and can never decrease. Eliminates inflation and economic crashes.


We the people of Oregon will control the creation of our future and not have our future be created by corporate structures who control and create endless tax laws.


It is up to US to be creative for future generations
— Skye Allen


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